“BE as WILD, BEAUTIFUL, and FREE as the sea”

“BE as WILD, BEAUTIFUL, and FREE as the sea”


Hi! I'm Anastasia Jay…

…a Freedom of Language Mentor, The Lotus Goddess, Reiki Master Teacher, Public Speaker, and the author of The Diamond Lotus Goddess: Rediscovering Your Inner Divinity™. My biggest passion and love is in motivating and empowering others, just like YOU, to rediscover the most AMAZING, INSPIRING, SUCCESSFUL, and FEARLESS BADASS GODDESS that you really are! EVERYTHING you need - courage, strength, compassion, and love is already within you, just waiting to blossom into the beautiful Lotus Goddess.

My background

Throughout my entire life, I have been an Intuitive and an Empath. However, I didn’t always know how to fully tap into my gift when I was growing up, or how to share my gift with others, but I inherently knew that I had a strong calling to guide, heal, and coach others to be their incredible selves. You see, as an Empath, I can feel what you are feeling whether it's happy, sad, angry, jealous, or hurt. And intuitively, I know how to get you to expend those feelings into fueling yourself in the most positive way to becoming a powerhouse!!

My journey began as just a little girl living in Russia. I lost both of my Russian parents within six months of each other to two completely different tragic accidents, and was quickly adopted by my now amazing parents. I spent years feeling like I was just “different,” but could not understand why. I always had the ability to sense everyone’s energy around me, and could sense why someone was energetically off before they even knew why they were feeling off!! I continuously experienced scenarios where I was able to predict the outcome of situations, but I always just assumed it was a coincidence. My younger self already knew that I would be helping and guiding others. In fact, when I was in Russia, my parents and I stayed in an apartment, until we waited for the next plane to finally bring us back to the United States, and the entire two weeks,... well all I have to say is that they were very patient with me. EVERY DAY, for those two weeks, we would play doctor. My parents would play the patient, pretend like they were sick, or needed something fixed, and I would play the medicine doctor, put a warm towel over their forehead and BOOM, magically heal them!! Yes, I was that weird child. I let my imagination run wild. But like many of us, I put my Adulting pants on, I let life take over, and I tried ignoring that empathic and intuitive side of me.


It wasn't until joining the military twelve years ago that I realized I was done dulling my gift. Through my experience in the service, I started noticing how many Soldiers were on medication for depression or anxiety and I wanted to offer them an alternative and a more natural method. I could feel what others were going through, I could sense when someone was silently going through a panic attack, their anxiety levels rose from being around large crowds, and how embarrassed they secretly felt. When I came back from being stationed in California, I decided to get certified in an energy healing modality called Reiki. I started working with military Veterans in an effort to assist them in combating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder throughout my travels in the service. In teaching Veterans how to work on themselves, and combining energy healing sessions, it became an amazing experience to see what a difference holistic healing was able to make in their lives. I have had the pleasure to be able to work with Veterans all around the country. The joy I experience when I see the happiness, relief and peace that many of them experience after each session continues to be the most rewarding part of my journey as a healer to this day.

But it wasn't enough!! I wanted to do more!! My life purpose suddenly clicked when I started to run into people who kept having the same issues I used to have, feeling stuck in life. I kept seeing so many others who felt like there is so much more to their life purpose, but getting to that goal seemed impossible. Through guiding others, and helping others get "unstuck", I got that “AHA!” moment. Seeing friends, and new acquaintances living a life they didn't LOVE, became my motivation to dedicate myself to understanding the power of energy work, body language and communication, and the tools and techniques to change others life around. As I began embracing my life as a true Goddess as we are all meant to be and tapping into my vulnerability, I was able to accept my gifts of intuition and energy healing and pass that onto others.


What does it mean to be a Freedom of Language Master Mentor?

I am a full believer that we have a choice in everything we do! We have the full potential to be anything, and to create and attract anything that we want in our lives. We have absolute freedom. Freedom is being in our bliss, our power, our passion and having unlimited possibilities. Freedom is the power and courage to let go of what no longer serves us and trusting our intuition.

When you CHOOSE to believe in the impossible, that is when the incredible shows up!

We create this freedom when we CHOOSE to LET GO of what no longer serves us. This means letting go of old self-limiting beliefs or old patterns that we have repeated, letting go of our past baggage, people who no longer vibe with our tribe, old relationships which no longer serve us, fear of failing, fear of not making enough money, fear of not being good enough. It is the choice to let go of grief, pain, hurt, heartache, and making the conscious choice to forgive others but most importantly forgiving yourself. It is the choice to become bold, vulnerable, unique, powerful, humble, to blossom like a lotus, and let your authenticity shine. Because when you let go, you create more space for miracles to occur. You create more space that invites in your goals, dreams, and accomplishments.

Yet, the number ONE thing that stops us in our tracks, is our LANGUAGE! I don’t mean language as in walking around dropping the F* bomb. Language is what we choose to say to ourselves, whether out loud or just in our thoughts. It is what our body and mind portrays both verbally and non-verbally. It is the realization that any and all obstacles which stop us from being the real us, is from the creation of the negative language we have chosen to use and feel about our past, our present, and our future.

Language is an energy, and energy has different levels of vibrations and frequency - all the way from sadness to unconditional love, and we call these levels of vibration emotions. We can have positive or negative emotions and the difference between the two feelings or vibrations are on a complete opposite spectrum.

Negative language, is what we like to call the ego, and let me tell you…..your ego is not your amigo!

Let me ask you this, how many times in a week or even each day, are you harsh on yourself.. saying things like, "ugh, that was stupid", "why did I just do that?", "it's not worth trying that, I won't succeed even if I did", "I'm not doing that, because I have no idea what I'm doing, and I might embarrass myself in front of others, or worse I'll fail", "it has to be my fault that I am in this situation", "I'm such a bad friend, parent, sister, brother, spouse,lover...etc", “that person is way out of my league”, “I feel alone”, or my favorite, "I don't deserve that amazing (fill in the blank)", or "why would I do that when there's someone else who's better and more deserving of doing/having that instead of me",...sound familiar? That is your ego stepping in to protect you.

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Language begins with the way we communicate with ourselves. You see, if we don't change our language with ourselves, then what do you think happens when we try to communicate with others? We either treat others WAAAYYYY better than we treat ourselves, I mean like rock star status with a red carpet, and all,...OR we push people so far away that we're left playing the blame game on others and ourselves. Get my point? 

Now, how about when you are trying to manifest something from the Universe? What about the language you choose to use when you want to manifest something incredible in your life like a new job, a happy relationship, a gorgeous house, that dream vacation spot you've been dying to get to, the pile of money that you deep down KNOW you deserve, but deny yourself of. It feels like it's a struggle or out of reach for us to get these amazing things into our lives doesn't it? We try everything possible to get these dreams met. We get to this point where we are absolutely excited about our plans, and then….like a deer in headlights, we freeze up, panic, and don’t know what to do next. Or even worse, we start to back track from our dreams, and goals. It all comes down to our own language, and what we send out to Universe. I truly believe that achieving your passions begins with healing and loving yourself. There is no limit to what you can achieve!

There are 3 main keys to Success.

  1. The first key to turning failure into success comes from changing around the way we use language in our daily lives. It is not enough to just change the words we say, it is about FEELING what we say and do. What we portray out, is not just a thought. Eventually that thought becomes a feeling, and that feeling manifests into reality, which then creates a habit, which then becomes a self-belief. Viscous circle right?

  2. The second key, is to understand that we will constantly be healing and loving ourselves for the rest of our lives, and constantly upgrading, so it is important to stay present. Once you understand this, once you grasp this idea, you will STOP waiting for that “perfect” moment to launch your business, to start that career, to get into a relationship, to make a big move, whatever it may be. Because when you are focused in the present, in the NOW space, the past and the future cannot affect what you are doing RIGHT NOW. And guess what? You’ll find that your success comes to you a LOT quicker.

  3. And the most important key to success is letting go of the HOW and WHEN. How things will happen is not our business. When things will happen is also not our business. Our only business is to trust the process.

Let’s be honest, as much as we all try to be superheroes, sometimes life can throw us a curve ball and throw us off balance. There are times in our lives where we just feel “stuck” in one or many parts of our lives at the same time and don’t know how to “unstick” ourselves to keep moving forward and achieve the impossible! I’ve certainly been there, quite a few times, and I’m sure you have too. That is why I have made it my goal to make a difference in the life of each and every person I have the pleasure of working with. I love guiding you in stepping out of your comfort zone, and into living your dream and your passion!!!

I don’t want you to just be content in life, I want YOU to LOVE it!

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. The rest is secondary."

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. The rest is secondary."


Always choose love,

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